Hakuhodo’s three expert teams designing the future

Hakuhodo innovation consist of 3 specialized unit joint together

Hakuhodo Brand Design

specialist unit supporting the entire branding process

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Hakuhodo Innovation Design

Specialist team supporting corporate and social innovation

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Hakuhodo Social Design

Team for solving social issues through economic activity

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Innovating ideas for people's everyday lives

Hakuhodo Innovation Design is a team dedicated to supporting the innovation of companies and society. Using the methodology of innovating ideas for people's everyday lives, we apply field research, concept planning, prototyping and more to discover insights and find opportunities, contributing to business and product development, as well as solving social problems.

Sei-Katsu-Sha Centered Approach

“Sei-Katsu-Sha” expresses the holistic person — an individual with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. Under the philosophy of “Sei-Katsu-Sha Centered” approach, Hakuhodo has conducted a wide variety of research from quantitative to qualitative to attack concrete, latent problems threatening to affect society and people's lives for over 30 years. We bring about innovation by leveraging Hakuhodo's patented expertise and experience in this area, analyzing consumers not just as data points, but as real people.

Our Process

At Hakuhodo Innovation Design, we focus on four main concepts: insight, opportunity discovery, concept design, and business design. We create the optimal work program to suit the issues and themes of each project.


Discovery of Insights

Uncovering people’s needs and insights, and identifying problems


Finding opportunities

Finding opportunities and clarifying themes



Developing concepts, customer values and strategy



Designing products and services as well as business model

Collaborative projects

Innovation requires knowledge and ideas from a variety of perpsectives. Creative ideas are born from the mixing of ideas from people with different backgrounds, perpectives and knowledge. At Hakuhodo Innovation Design, we collaborate using a network of people with different backgrounds from R&D through to creative fields including researchers in the social sciences, experts on quantitative and qualititive research, ethnographers, business consultants, marketers, sales promotion specialists, prototyping professionals, and designers.