Hakuhodo’s three expert teams designing the future

Hakuhodo innovation consist of 3 specialized unit joint together

Hakuhodo Brand Design

specialist unit supporting the entire branding process

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Hakuhodo Innovation Design

Specialist team supporting corporate and social innovation

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Hakuhodo Social Design

Team for solving social issues through economic activity

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Hakuhodo Innovation Design is a team dedicated to supporting the innovation of companies and society. Using the methodology of innovating ideas for people’s everyday lives, we apply field research, concept planning, prototyping and more to discover insights and find opportunities, contributing to business and product development, as well as solving social problems.


Research Design research / Future insight

Strategy and Design New business development / New service development / New product development / Innovation strategy / Future scenario and vision development

Training and Organizational Transformation Team Training / Innovation network program for executives

Client Categories

In addition to working with private companies, we have an established track record in a variety of fields, including work with government and industry associations and educational institutions. IT and communications / Automotive / Electronics / Food and beverages / Cosmetics and toiletries / Finance / Retail / Toys and games / Media / Construction and housing / Chemicals and materials / Energy / Travel / Entertainment / Government / Local government / Industry associations / Universities

Hakuhodo Group

Partners’ Network

We conduct collaborative projects and research with various organizations around the world.